BeMyFet Advertising

Add your website/page banner to our highly visible Banner Rotation. With over 10,000 page views a day, our banner rotation is an affordable way to bring traffic to your website or personal listings!

Our Requirements:

Banner must be standard banner size of 280 x 150 135 x 135

The website must follow our “Terms and Conditions”

Payment must be made in advance before your banner is added to the rotation

All banner applications submitted are subject to the approval of the staff and may be rejected for any reason we deem necessary.

Getting Started. It’s simple!

Fill out and submit your application below. Allow 48-72 hours for our marketing team to review your website. If and when your website passes review, you will receive an invoice with instructions and information on how to submit payment (we accept all major credit cards)

Once payment is received, we’ll place your banner in rotation as specified in your instructional letter.

How our advertising works.

Our banner rotation system works on a month to month basis. The banner entries are sorted randomly to allow a fair placement of all banners in the rotation.

Our banner advertisement rates are month to month and only $50.00 per month. When your banner is submitted to us, we will establish a starting day in which your banner will begin rotation. Your banner will be prorated from the day that your banner is to start rotation, NOT from the day that you send us your banner submission.

Your first payment will need to include the prorated amount plus the entire $50.00 for the following month. This way your banner will run for the remainder of the month that your submission was made and for the entire following month, without missing any banner rotation time. If you choose to continue advertising with us before your monthly rotation is over you be sure to pay in advance so that your ad will not lose a beat.

Sellers Advertise With Us
Members may advertise with us as well.Please note…for sellers that advertise with us… We are not adding the banner rotation costs into member’s accounts, this is a separate charge.