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    I wonder if anyone else has this… I am all woman but seem to have male-like tendencies and behaviors, kinda androgynous. I like to dominate men completely (tie-em up, fuck em hard, punch em, force them to do abnormal things. But on another note like a split personality I can be an awesome submissive, like i’m trying to keep balance… I wonder if anyone else goes through this. I figure it’s more common to be one or the other.

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    I very much like to be a sub, being thrown down, choked, tied up, slapped. But it depends on who it’s with cuz I have made men my bitch as well..?

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    lol That’s what I mean! Naturally I’m a DOM though but I submit to the right guy under the right situations almost 50/50 with my current partner. I didn’t know how committed or stuck people were in the roll kinda like “50 shades”.

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    I’m both for sure. Some nights I make my man MINE. I tie him down suck and fuck him slap him maybe play with his butt, those kinds of things but most nights I like to be dominated. He’s the sub in our relationship normally so it’s nice to have him dominate the shit out of me in bed.

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    I’m a Switch and so is he… some times i want to me the dom. that night and some times he wants to as well so its a fight and things get really interested and fun but some times/ most of the time im a sub. i like being chocked and being hit with the whip and my ass smacked so hard that i have it bruise in the morning….

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    I will play the Dom. Tie up husband to chair and tease him with feathers, whip, or paddle. Smack his cock around and feel how incredibly hard it can get. I don’t last very long though and just start sucking his cock before I jump on it.
    But I am a Sub… make out sessions usually end up on my knees or restraints on bed.

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    I’m all sub no dom something about losing complete control and having pain that feels good inflicted by the man who owns you is just way sexier to me than taking charge I love the sun lifestyle and everything that comes with it

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    I have no idea of what I am but would let any woman tie me up sounds like fun

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