About Me

Obey my Edicts


The servant


Does nothing for himself but does all for his Goddess


The servant


Lives in squalor in order to commit yourself fully to your cause…me


Obedient and humble until death


The servant




The servant


Get on your knees and serve me bitch


I’m a sadist, i get off on having bitches at my mercy. I love it when bitches cry, beg and plead. I like slapping them when they are naughty, spanking them when they misbehave,  biting them and leaving my mark on their skin, spitting in their face and watching them lick it off, humiliating them in public or in private, sissfying them and delivering corpal punishment, especially to little pain sluts that beg for it.



A little bit more about me:

I am African American

BBW (curvy)

Big tits, 34-36 DDD size tits

Big butt

I’m 5’3

size 6.5-7US shoe size

I like to be in charge, I’m fierce with a outgoing personality. I can be as sweet as candy or psychotically mean.



Looking for bitches Local/ long distance


trash bitch -I’ll mail you my fucking trash




video bitch – you will send me videos of your self exposed  and vulnerable for my amusement. Masks are required i’m into mask fetishism.



house bitch – my personal servant and you will be dresses as a little sissy


for my pleasure as I make you do menial tasks around the house


kitchen bitch – does all the dishes and prepare all my meals


Foot bitch – pays for pedicures, worships my feet as I see fit and buys my

shoes and I’ll throw my used shoes your way occasionally.


Bottom bitch – makes me my money by sucking dick, getting fucked in the ass

and being a filthy , dirty fucking slut. You MAY send me pictures so I can

watch you ruin  yourself for my pleasure


Nasty  bitch- Be ready to be my little toy, I’ll make you do things you

never thought you would


Bitch of despair -let’s see how dark we can go bitch


Chastity bitch- lol… you will suffer


Toilet bitch-eat up bitch


sissy bitch -i’ll make you my little doll


panty bitch -you will buy my used panties, stockings, socks and wear them.


Loser Bitch-your penis will be my play thing


Pain slut bitch-let’s see how much you can take


My spit bitch- you’ll swallow my spit and eat my left over food because

that’s what you deserve


teeth cleaning bitch- come and brush and floss my teeth, you can keep the toothbrush, mouth wash, and used floss when we are done. hair fetish bitch – i give you the hair i shave/ cut off toilet clean up bitch – come ear out of my fucking toilet

session bitches- Bitches to do sessions with



To have sessions with me i expect $100 deposit and at LEAST $400 cash when we meet depending on the session. You WILL book a hotel for our playtime. To have a session with me and my sister Domme, you will make a $200 deposit and give us as LEAST $600 cash when we meet depending on the session you want.




For proper tributes Goddess is also willing to give subs her nail clippings, worn out shoes, used panties, her special fetish wine, pantyhoes, fetish videos, her leftover food covered in her saliva and other used goods by the Goddess, make her an offer and see if she accepts.






Single or Married?




Sexual Orientation